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As you know, automotive traffic is a staple of our modern society. Despite laws and regulations governing automotive driving, road networks present high levels of risk. Emergency services must share the road with other drivers, and emergency driving increases risk of injury or death.

We are proud to present the Centre de formation en conduite préventive d’urgence (CFCPU), a dynamic company that was created to meet an urgent need for training in emergency vehicle driving. Thanks to the competence of its members, CFCPU developed a procedure that places defensive driving at the core of the training program.

Defensive driving is a state of mind that allows to anticipate unexpected situations in order to react quickly. By adopting a positive attitude, the driver can use the necessary knowledge to prevent collisions despite the various dangers present on the road, in all circumstances. Defensive driving also decreases the effects of stress on the members of the crew, which allows them to maximise the work they do during the emergency response in order to accomplish their mission : saving lives.

“ Driving an emergency vehicle is an attitude. ”


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